The story of Valmiermuiža

The name of Valmiermauiža can be found in the annals of history since the turn of the 13th and 14th centuries, when the Valmiera castle owned a mighty inn, where the lord's beer was sold. In the beginning, the Valmiera manor was located near the Valmiera castle, but already around 1624 it was moved away to the place where the Valmiermauiža brewery is currently located.

An exquisite stop

In 1762, the manor acquired a new owner, Prince Peter August Friedrich of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Beck, who received the manor as a gift for faithful service to the Russian throne. In 1764, he built a mighty hunting palace here with a deer garden and other pleasures for entertaining guests. Due to the prince's hospitality, Valmiermuiž is praised both near and far, besides, the castle is located near the road that leads from Western Europe to St. Petersburg, so distinguished guests often visit here.

Revival of Valmiermuiža

The wars did not spare Valmiermuiža, destroying almost all the magnificent buildings, however, in 2006, Aigars Rungis, a native of Valmierno, together with enterprising people, started to build a small brewery in the manor in order to revive the traditions of hospitality that prevailed here and make delicious beer that would once again bring the name of Valmiermuiža to the world. The construction will be completed in the summer of 2008.

Another year passes until the best hops and malts are found in distant lands, and then, after patiently digging and researching, the beer recipe and the first samples are created. Only in 2009, the strong men of Vidzeme, having tasted the light beer of Valmiermuiža, bowed their heads approvingly. Then the owner knows - well, he can offer what is made in Valmiermuiž with a pure heart to anyone who knows how to appreciate good beer.

Realizing that the ladies of the capital crave to enjoy Valmiermuiža's brews on a daily basis, in January 2011 the Valmiermuiža beer embassy is opened in Riga on Aristida Briāna Street, where you can get everything you need for the festive table. It is significant that the embassy is located in a place where the spirit of beer has historically been in the air, as a brewery was located here more than 100 years ago. In 2022, to the delight of beer lovers in Pārdaugava, the Valmiermuiža beer embassy will also be opened in the renovated pavilion of the Āgenskalns market. The business-like fine red brick building was designed in the rational Art Nouveau style by the prolific Riga city architect, Rihards Šmēlings, included in the cultural canon of Latvia, and it was completed in 1914.

We must not forget about our neighbors - Estonia is the first country to which the Valmiermuiža brewery started exporting its brews and also the first to open a Valmiermuiža beer embassy outside of Latvia - in 2021 in the Telliskivi creative quarter in Tallinn.

The future is based on the past

If we want to grow and develop, we must not stand still, that is why the owner of Valmiermuiža beer together with his family works every day so that there is no shortage of good beer in Latvia and that the culture of enjoying beer, based on ancient traditions, flourishes again.

By leisurely brewing popular beer varieties in Latvia and beyond, the Valmiermuiža beer masters continue to search for new flavors to constantly surprise the demanding beer connoisseur. So, inspired by the history of the area, in 2015, the owner of Valmiermuiža beer renewed the legendary "Kokmuiža brewery" brand and started brewing ales. In the same year, Vaidava lake shore opens GARDU MUTI summer house in Vaidava, to refresh lazy vacationers with refreshing drinks and exquisite snacks.

In order to bring Latvia's name to the world, Valmiermuiža is actively working with foreign women. Because the owner of the Valmiermuiža beer is firmly committed that the brewery's performance will one day be as honored and sought after as the Baltic porter once was.

Owners of Valmiermuiža brewery

100% of the capital shares of SIA "Valmiermuižas alus" brewery belong to SIA "Valmiermuižas investment fund", which was founded to develop the "Valmiermuižas" brand in the long term, promote Valmiermuižas as a destination for gourmet tourism and promote the export of Valmiermuižas beer. 60% of the fund's shares belong to the owner of the brewery Aigars Rungis, 24% to the Austrian investment fund "Industrieliegenschaftenvervaltungs AG" (ILAG) and 16% to the German company "Thinkflink GmbH".

Our family

Behind every, even the seemingly smallest job, there are caring hands, a sharp mind, respect and honesty towards one's duties. Every day, around 110 people work in Valmiermuiž, who, working together harmoniously, do everything to create delicious beer and take care of guests in Valmiermuiž, as well as in Riga, Vaidava and Tallinn. In the summer, more than a dozen hard-working hands gather for them and supply the beer lovers.