Excursions in Bruz

We invite you to visit so that you can see the leisurely brewing of beer with your own eyes. Our storytellers will show how the deep water of Valmiermuiža, full-bodied malt, noble hops and natural yeast make a delicious beer. Visitation will allow learn the subtleties of enjoying beer, as well as taste the brews of Valmiermuiža.

It is good to know that there is not only something to see and experience on the excursion, but also something to enjoy for those who have said no to alcoholic intoxication. The owner of Valmiermuiža believes that the best raw materials and careful brewing will help to overcome the age-old prejudice that non-alcoholic beer has a hard time competing with its intoxicating brothers in terms of smell and taste. We also brew in Valmiermuiž non-alcoholic beer and we make pure Latvian taste GARDU MUTI zelterus.

Valmiermuiža tasting

During the tasting, you can discover and taste the classic flavors of Valmiermuiža.

Number of flavors to be tasted: 3

Duration of the tasting: 1, 5-2 hours

Price: 14 EUR/pers.
children 0-6 years free
7-12 years 5 EUR/pers.< /p>

Minimum price for tasting: EUR 60

Tasting of two estates

During the tasting, you have the opportunity to taste Valmiermuiža classics and Kokmuiža beer brews, while getting to know the nuances of the flavors of ales and lagers.

Number of flavors to taste: 5

Tasting duration: 2 hours

Cena: 16 EUR/pers.
children 0-6 years free
7–12 gadi 5 EUR/pers.

Minimum tasting price: 60 EUR

Investigated tasting

During the tasting, you can taste 3 classic flavors of Valmiermuiža beer and the fuel obtained during the brewing process. The tasting will be complemented by informative stories about the nuances of enjoying degalus.

Number of drinks: 3 beer and 3 fuel flavors (Alc. 42.0% vol.)

Tasting duration: 2 hours

Cena: 20 EUR/pers.
children 0-6 years free
7–12 gadi 5 EUR/pers.

Minimum tasting price: 60 EUR

Valmiermuiža taste tasting online

During the tasting, you can get to know the leisurely art of brewing and enjoying beer. For each participant of the tasting, we will prepare a set of flavors with two classic Valmiermuiža flavors and two Kokmuiža ales of different styles. A beer glass matched to each beer taste, which will remain for you as a gift. For full-mouthed enjoyment of beer flavors, we will offer drabini and cheese chili biscuits.

We will prepare a set of flavors for each conversation participant:
• two classic flavors of Valmiermuiža (0.33 l);
• two flavors of Kokmuiža ales of different styles (0.33 l);
• beer glasses adapted to each taste (4 pcs.);
• Crab and Cheese Chili Biscuits.

Tasting duration: 1-1.5 hours

Tasting languages: Latvian, Russian, English

Cena: 36 EUR/pers.

Minimum number of participants for the tasting: 10

Flavor sets can be obtained: Valmiermuiža beer merchant, Dzirnavu street 2, Valmiermuiža or Valmiermuiža beer embassy, ​​A. Briāna street 9a, Riga, or at your specified address.