We support

We in Valmiermuiž keep in mind that we draw strength from the land called Latvia. From the Latvian language, customs and culture. That is why we also consider it a matter of honor to support large-scale Latvian cultural events that keep our traditions and language alive, as well as promote Latvia's name in the world through culture - theater, music, cinema, poetry, fashion, photography, fine arts and architecture. Just as honing the flavors of Valmiermuiža beer is long and thorough, we believe that the most successful cooperation is based on long-term, trusting relationships, which are united by common goals and confidence.

Valmiermuiža ethnomusic festival

Since 2011, the Valmiermuiža park has been filled with ethnic music in the summer. "Jaunie Jāņi", "Saulkrezis", "Sviests", since 2022 - "Valmiermuiža ethnomusic festival", which has grown into an international one. Then we offer both domestic and international, modern ethnomusic, contemporary art and the opportunity to enjoy the historical Valmiermuiža park, working in the workshops of local artisans, buying domestic products at the market and enjoying local delicacies. The owner of Valmiermuiža beer creatively brews beer to celebrate songs and melodies! Beer as ethnomusic - traditions with life-affirming searches for new paths have come from the antiquity of the people. 

National Guard of the Republic of Latvia

Jubilee Beer - Freedom

In the summer of 2019, the Latvian Army celebrated its centenary. Valmiera has stood close to the beginnings of our armed forces, and the country's patriots are also in Valmiermuiž, so the initiative of the commander of the National Guard brigade, Marek Ozoliņa, to create a special beer in honor of the army celebrations, creates a response in the brewery family. That's how the beer "Liberty" was born. Freedom is the most valuable thing a nation can have. Freedom must be won, freedom must be protected and freedom must be celebrated! Both the commander of the National Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Leonids Kalniņš, and the owner of Valmiermuiža beer, Aigars Rungis, put their signature on the special brew. The unfiltered beer "Brīvība" was filled in 2,500 bottles, one thousand of which Valmiermuiža reserved for the celebration of the centenary of the Latvian army. 

Beer - Guardian of his land

The conviction that Latvia needs a people's self-defense organization arose already at the beginning of 1991, during the barricades. On August 23 of the same year, a few days after the failed putsch, the law "On the National Guard of the Republic of Latvia" was adopted. During the 30 years that have passed since its foundation, the National Guard has become a pillar of Latvian defense. In honor of the important anniversary in 2021, the small brewery of Valmiermuiža brewed a light and bold beer - "Guardian of our land". 

Valmiera Summer Theater Festival

Valmiera summer theater festival and Valmiermuiža brewery have been linked by a creatively sparkling and boldly refreshing cooperation since the beginning of the festival in 2016. If the creative team of the theater festival offers an alternative perspective on life, the Valmiermuiža brewery delights every year with a bright beer dedicated to the festival or a non-alcoholic flavor from "Gardu muti zelteris". 

There are things

Tuta and her little fox are children's favorite characters of the show, who invite you to celebrate the holidays on a single note of taste together with Tuta's holiday drink created by "Gardu muti zelteris". Accompanied by bubbly clouds, dots of ladybugs and flickering rays of the sun, Tuta went barefoot through the warm and loose ground in search of juicy rhubarb. Naski dipped the rosy stem in a dose of sugar and closed his eyes in happiness. Inspired by the joy of these children's days, "Gardu muti zelteris" created a sparkling taste of childhood - Tuta's festive drink in a luxurious 0.7 l bottle. 

Trail race "Stirnu buks"

To celebrate big and small victories, the owner of the Valmiermuiža brewery created a full-bodied, amber-colored light beer "Bukalus". The special Valmiermuiža beer brew "Bukalus" and "Gardu muti zelteris" Latvian apple "Bukzelteris" will refresh you after the energetic "Stirnu buka" run!

Forest of sounds

Each of us has our own thirst. For the listeners of the unaccustomed music festival "Skaņu mežs", it is a thirst for the latest in alternative music. The festival refreshes avant-garde fans with unheard sound horizons. Every year the aldari of Kokmuiža stimulate the creative minds of the listeners with flavors dedicated to the festival.

Riga IFF

The Riga International Film Festival (Riga IFF) has become one of the most ambitious cultural events in Latvia in a short time. It is an annual film festival that introduces the international film industry to current author's works from the Baltic Sea region and the Nordic countries, and domestic cinema viewers to world news. Kokmuiža brewery enriches the festival's cinematic surprises with unexpected flavors.