Beer for the festive table



While leisurely brewing the popular beer varieties in Latvia, Valmiermuiža masters continue to look for new flavors to constantly surprise the demanding beer connoisseur

Excursions of Bruges

Experience leisurely beer brewing with your own eyes - book an excursion with beer tasting at the Valmiermuiža brewery

Beer store

Next to the brewery is a shop where gourmets will find slow brewed beers from our masters

Beer terrace and kitchen

We will be happy to host guests at larger celebrations, breakfasts or seminars in the Valmiermuiža beer parlor

Embassy in Ågenskalns market

To please the beer lovers in Pārdaugava, we have already opened the second Valmiermuiža embassy in Riga - it awaits guests in the renovated pavilion of the Āgenskalns market

Embassy in Aristida Briāna Street

The right place in the capital, where beer lovers can find the widest range of Valmiermuiža brewery brews: light, dark, hoppy, sweet and dark - filtered and unfiltered

Valmiermuiža brewery

Excellent beer for the festive table

Beer in Latvia has been the owner's pride since ancient times, leisurely brewed for great honors. Respecting the traditions, we patiently make live beer in Valmiermuiža and nurture the culture of enjoying beer, so that, just like in the old days, beer has a place of honor at the festive table.