Beer compatibility in restaurants

The classic light beer of Valmiermuiža belongs to everything that is put on the holiday table in Latvia - from fried ribs to delicate fish dishes and matured steak. Gourmets can enjoy a special compatibility of flavors in Latvian restaurants - the chefs bring to the table dishes that are compatible with Valmiermuiža pale beer! Enjoy!


Diakonata Street 6, Valmiera

The restaurant "Akustika" found its home in the old post office building of Valmiera. A welcoming place where art, delicious food and Valmiermuiža beer meet. 

The chef of the restaurant, Artūrs Taškāns, has found the following compatible dishes for Valmiermuiža light beer: 

  • beef tartare with grub, potato crisps and pickled radish;  
  • bao with bull cheeks, pickled onions and hazelnuts;  
  • grilled duck breast with pickled kohlrabi, pickled lemons and mashed cauliflower.  

Artūrs Taškāns: "I am attracted by the taste of clean and fresh food. And so should a matching drink. Akustika's summer menu is perfectly complemented by Valmiermuiža beer, which I chose to match these dishes." 


18 Albatrosa Street, Ķesterciems

A delicious place by the sea in Ķesterciem, already popular with guests from all over Latvia. Very special hospitality, a modern interior, an excellent offer of pizzas baked in a real wood-fired oven, and delicious Valmiermuiža beer brews, forming an excellent compatibility with the offered dishes, live here. Excellent interaction throughout! And why not, if the heart and soul of "Albatross" is chef Valters Zirdziņš!  

Valters Zirdziņš invites you to enjoy Valmiermuiža light beer with:   

  • veal with tuna sauce – veal in tuna sauce. Hearty, fresh and crunchy. A classic dish that can also be enjoyed perfectly in the autumn months together with a classic beer taste; 
  • spicy nduja – pizza baked in a real wood-fired oven. The taste is very substantial, rich and spicy. An equally substantial and rich drink goes well here;  
  • as the closing duet, Valters brings a sweet dish to the table, offering to enjoy it together with Valmiermuiža rye malt kvass - tiramisu with Valrhon cocoa and Tahitian vanilla. A great interplay of flavors when enjoyed together with the full-bodied Valmiermuiža kvass. 


Smilsu street 3, Riga

We bring you the wonderful three-hour gourmet journey through pictures. One summer evening in the very heart of Riga - in the restaurant "Barents", the creative chef of the restaurant Dzintars Kristovskis and the owner of Valmiermuiža beer, certified alzinier Aigars Rungis, welcomed their guests to give the most demanding beer lovers a taste adventure - pairing beer and food.  

Gourmets enjoyed eight different flavors of beer brewed in Valmiermuiža with a special dish matched to each brew, accompanied by Aigars and Dzintars' stories. 


Senču prospekt 45, Baltezers

A restaurant with a charming view of Baltezer, which allows you to enjoy unique sunsets in all seasons. The restaurant's terrace has a special charm in summer, where everyone can go on a taste journey, combining traditional flavors with new, creative dishes and Valmiermuiža beer brews.  

In this story of the compatibility of beer and food, chef Antona Konstantinova's specially selected dishes for Valmiermuiža light beer are on the table:  

  • lightly smoked ribs, served with broccolini, celery - "Umami" puree and "Balsamico" - fried carrot in honey glaze;  
  • Premium Black Angus beef burger.  

Antons Konstantinov: "Lightly smoked ribs by themselves have an intense taste, therefore, when matching the drink, it should be taken into account that the flavors do not mix too much. The ribs together with Valmiermuiža beer allow the connoisseur to experience the real aftertaste. On the other hand, the "Premium Black Angus" beef burger is a real mix of flavors that matches any Valmiermuiža beer brew, creating an excellent combination of flavors."


Andrejostas iela 5, Riga

An excellent place on the Riga riviera, in Andrejost, where coziness and the atmosphere of an urban restaurant combine at the same time. Here you can enjoy the most beautiful Riga sunsets and sunrises, the first fresh and highest quality food together with Valmiermuiža beer brews. 

The team of "Naples" chefs has created a real feast for the taste buds, finding dishes compatible with Valmiermuiža light beer:  

  • trio tartare - salmon, tuna, avocado;
  • beef tartare made from fresh, premium beef with the chef's special sauce;
  • corn chicken in a special marinade, grilled on coals; 
  • pica peppers.  

The team of chefs: "The fatness of the salmon and the soft, salty tuna form an ideal combination of flavors that goes very well with the bitterness of Valmiermuiža light beer. On the other hand, the sharpness of the pepperoni and the saltiness of the cheese create a good aftertaste for the pizza, if you choose to enjoy it together with Valmiermuiža pale beer. Beef tartar and chicken do not require comments, pure flavors, which are perfectly matched by Valmiermuiža light beer." 

Nurmuiža restaurant

Nurmuiža, Lauciene parish

A very special place on the Kurzeme side, where the largest and oldest manor complex in Latvia, the former vassal castle of the Livonian Order - Nurmuiža Castle stands majestically in all its glory.   

Here, in the palace complex, there is also a wonderful restaurant, where we invite you to enjoy Valmiermuiža pale beer together with dishes prepared by chef Jurijs Benko:   

  • a rich appetizer plate with a selection of cheese and meat;
  • lamb chop with mashed potato croquette, topped with tomato pesto, pickled physalis and fermented laksa buds;  
  • pork fillet with potato gratin and stewed cabbage puree, topped with locally grown greens. 

A beautiful destination to relax in a fabulous and scenic place, enjoy excellent food and Valmiermuiža beer! 


Jelgavkrasti, Liepupe parish

Previously, on the Vidzeme side, in Jelgavkrasti, the well-known pub "Traktieris Pernigele" has reopened, being reborn in a new, modern concept and becoming "Grill House & Hotel Pernigele". A place that has constantly changed over the years, but still stands nobly on its historical foundations. Here we invite you to enjoy specially researched compatible dishes rooted and cherished in Latvia by the chefs of Valmiermuižas pale ale.  

Valmiermuiža light beer and beef dishes from the owners, Ivars Roze and his wife Evita Ružane, grown on the nearby farm are served on the table: 

  • Pernigele beef burger; 
  • T-bone beef steak served with crisp, juicy seasonal salad and special sauce;
  • beef cutlets grilled in a charcoal oven with fresh coleslaw.  

Ivars and Evita: "We believe that there is power in high quality. Our values ​​are self-grown, self-cherished, self-tested and self-chosen best in everything - both in the menu, in the atmosphere of the environment and in the hospitality of the staff."