Aristida Briana street 9a — Riga

beer quarter

We invite you to enjoy the beer quarter accompanied by a hospitable storyteller and to taste excellent varieties of Latvian "craft" beers at four stops. During the tour, you will be able to enjoy the different flavors of Latvian beer and indulge in an adventure of amazing tastes.

In the 19th century, Riga was a big beer-making city - here the brewers worked hard to be able to supply the residents of Riga with the most delicious beer, as well as the fans of the city near and far. Riga's beer quarter is marked by three historical monuments - Kimmel's, Kunzendorf's and von Strick's. It is believed that water specially suitable for brewing has flowed here from the depths of the earth. In the days of yuk, the giants have become dusty, but the spirit of beer has remained. First, the Valmiermuiža brewery set up its embassy in Riga in the former Strick's brewery, but then one after another, new beer pubs opened their doors in this area, some with full brewing licenses.

Beer Quarter Tour
The duration of the tour is four hours, starting at the Valmiermuiža beer embassy, ​​A. Briāna street 9a, Riga. During the tour, guests can be addressed in Latvian, English, German and Russian.

For the beer quarter tour, please register in advance by calling tel. +371 20081990 or writing

50 EUR per person, the recommended maximum number of people in one group is 10 people.
The minimum price of the tour is 100 EUR.


beer quarter

Accompanied by a welcoming storyteller, taste excellent Latvian "craft" beers at four stops, learn about the different flavors of Latvian beer and indulge in an adventure of surprising tastes!