Valmiermuiža ethnomusic festival, which will take place on July 15 in Valmiermuiža park, announces the first artists - representatives of local sounds The New Year's Orchestra, the archaic feeling of the north will be created by Norwegian dark folk, the powerful sound of Eastern Europe will be offered by Ukrainians, while musicians from Italy will bring hot-blooded rhythms and the sun.

The musical program will be quite magnificent on two stages, so that you can alternately hear both different local artists and guests from further afield, offering one of the most exciting music festivals this summer. Torgeira Vasvik will have traveled from the far north (Torgeir Vassvik) group that will represent the ancient Sami people and their musical roots with an archaic and rock concert sound. Currently the best tarantella group from Italy Canconiere Grecanico Salentino everyone will be drawn into a whirlwind of dancing together with skilled Italian dancers. A folk rock group will show musical fighting spirit Jory Kloc from Ukraine, who make folk songs completely modern by adding powerful music. But domestic New St. John's Orchestra The work is characterized by the inner adventures of a person and sweet irony, which alternates with the most ambiguous episodes of Latvian folklore. At night, after the live music program, the most resistant ones will be welcomed by the ethnic duo - Diva Reizniekus and Kaspars Zaviļeiskis, who will offer their favorite world music until the last dancer.

The theme of the 2023 festival is "opposites attract" to highlight the desired - in art, cuisine, architecture, landscape and human relations. Opposites - not as irreconcilable contrasts, but as an opportunity to add color, diversity and meaning to life. The large-scale lighting of the fire sculpture has become a tradition of the festival - this time by the Spanish artist Jordi NN (Jordi NN) will be joined by an international creative team to create a completely magical and musical circus performance, revealing the contrasts of static and movement, air and earth.

The festival is not only musical, but also filled with various other cultural events to be enjoyed in a relaxed atmosphere with friends, family and newly-acquainted like-minded people. At the event, you will be able to see an open-air exhibition, a theater performance, the latest Latvian cinema, as well as participate in sustainable and traditional workshops, but recover your strength in calm and restless svilnėtava. As usual, excellent beer and delicious local food and other refreshments will always be available in Valmiermuiža.

Near the festival area, you will have the opportunity to pitch your own tent and spend the night in the welcoming stable of Valmiermuiža. If you want more comfort, you should book accommodation in nearby guest houses, campsites or hotels in Valmiera in advance, so that you can enjoy the late summer night hours without haste. In the morning after the festival, you will have the opportunity to return to the beer terrace of Valmiermauiža for breakfast and enjoy some outdoor entertainment in the Valmiera region.

Tickets for larks can be purchased until the spring solstice here.

More information In a Facebook event, on the page and etnovalmiermuiza.lv.

The Valmiermuiža ethnomusic festival is organized by the Valmiermuiža cultural association and the Cultural Management Center "Lauska". Supported by the State Cultural Capital Fund, Valmiera County Municipality, Valmiermuiža Brewery, Gardu muti Zelteri, ZAAO and others.

Additional information:
Valmiermuiža Cultural Society,
tel.: (+371) 27337798,
e-pasts: kultura@valmiermuiza.lv

May 16, 2023