White Label

Elevate your brand with our white labelling solution

Our professional team empower businesses to deliver exceptional taste experiences, with a diverse range of options including sparkling juice drinks, non-alcoholic beer, malt drinks, ice tea, and an array of mixed drinks. Our commitment to quality and innovation ensures that your brand will stand out in a crowded market.

Versatile beverage range

Whether you're looking to offer sparkling juice drinks bursting with flavour, craft non-alcoholic beer, or refreshing ice tea, our portfolio has it all. We also specialize in crafting unique mixed drinks to cater to evolving consumer tastes.

Custom flavours

Set your brand apart by collaborating with our expert flavorists to create custom, signature flavours that align perfectly with your brand's identity. From fruity infusions to exotic blends, the possibilities are endless.

Quality assurance

Our products are crafted using the finest ingredients, adhering to strict quality standards. You can trust in the consistent excellence of every batch.


Whether you're a start-up or an established brand, our flexible production capabilities allow you to scale your product range according to demand, starting from 3000 litres.

Bespoke packaging

Choose from a range of packaging options and make your own label designs that reflect your brand's unique style.

Partner with Valmiermuiža for a white label non-alcoholic beverages, and let's craft beverages that resonate with your audience. Whether you're expanding your product line or starting a new venture, our expertise and commitment to quality will help you succeed.