During work, you should find a moment for a full-fledged and delicious meal, so that you have a creative spirit and strength for the whole day. Valmiermuiža beer kitchen every working day at 11.30–14.30 invites you to enjoy the lunch offer, which is leisurely prepared from the goodies of local farms.

Delicious and hearty dishes will be served on the table - soup, main course, side dishes, salads and desserts. Guests will have the opportunity to serve themselves a meal, choosing the portion size and variety of dishes.

Lunch offer for 1 person:

  • soup and self-baked beer bread with closures - 4 EUR;
  • small lunch plate – 5 EUR;
  • large lunch plate – 6 EUR;
  • deserts – 2,50 EUR;
  • water included in the price.
July 24, 2023