Valmiermuiža Baltic porter

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Valmiermuiža Baltic porter uses five specially prepared malts. The two darkest of the malts are roasted similar to coffee after drying. The beer's bitterness is made more expressive by 'Nugget' and 'Polaris' hops grown in Germany, while the noble 'Tettnang Tettnanger' hops make the aroma brighter. When poured into a glass, a dark brown, thickly creamy and slowly evaporating cap of foam is formed. The aroma features notes of malt sweetness and burnt crème brûlée. On the palate, the bitterness of a black, expressive roast coffee resonates with the counterpoints of dried figs and lightly salted almonds, but then the rich bouquet slowly sinks into the darkness of the malt to give the aftertaste the slowly evaporating presence of a strong espresso. Enjoyed alone as a digestif or with rich desserts.

Enjoy with grilled food and oysters, sweet desserts containing chocolate. Caramel creamy desserts will also be served. Can be added to hearty beef stews.
At a temperature of 14-16 ºC in Valmiermuiža's special Baltic porter glasses.

 Volume: 0.33 l

Alc. tilp. 7,8%
Alus stils
Baltijas porteris
Krāsa / EBC 230 / melna ar stipras kafijas atblāzmu
Blīvums / °P 18
Rūgtums / IBU 29
Apiņi Halertavas 'Nugget', 'Polaris', 'Tettnang Tettnanger' (Vācija)
Iesals Divu veidu grauzdētie, gaišais karameļu, tumšais karameļu un Pilzenes
Īpašais Grauzdētie iesali un lāgera raugs
Baudīšanas temperatūra +14–16 °C
Saderība Baudāms pie grilētiem ēdieniem un austerēm, šokolādi saturošiem saldiem desertiem

Valmiermuiža brewery

Beer in Latvia has been the owner's pride since ancient times, leisurely brewed for great honors. Respecting the traditions, we patiently brew live beer in Valmiermuiža and nurture the culture of beer enjoyment, so that, just like in the old days, beer has a place of honor at the festive table.