Valmiermuiža light beer cocktail "Frish" with raspberries

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Legend has it that Valmiermuiža hunting castle was once great and widely celebrated - aristocratic guests from near and far came to enjoy its hospitality and natural beauty. Encouraged by the noble history and the nearby meadows and forests, the owner of Valmiermuiža has prepared a new taste of Friša for this summer. After patiently perfecting the bouquet, listening to the thoughts of beer lovers, a fresh brew has been created, which can be put on even the most sophisticated celebration tables with a safe heart.

In the new cocktail, Valmiermuiža light beer is combined with raspberry zelteris, pampered by the Latvian sun, and chamomile tea picked in the local meadows. Clear pink with snow-white foam creeps into the "Frish" glass. The aroma of the bready malt base of the beer is thick raspberry and slightly dizzyingly sweet summer meadow. A home-baked strudel filled with airy berry cream swirls in the crisp wood, balanced by a cup of cool chamomile tea. At the end, the bouquet is delicately colored by soft tones of bitterness.

Volume: 0.5 l


Alc. tilp. 2,6 %
Alus stils Gaišā alus kokteilis
Krāsa / EBC 10,9 / dzidri sārts
Rūgtums / IBU 10,2
Īpašais Latvijas ogu sulīgums un zāļu tējas plaukstošais svaigums
Pasniegšama Atdzesēts līdz +5-6 °C temperatūrai.
Saderība „Frišs” laiski baudāms brīvdabā, vasaras siltajiem vakariem
pārtopam baltajās naktīs. Lieliski piestāvēs maiga krēma
vai augļu desertiem

Valmiermuiža brewery

Beer in Latvia has been the owner's pride since ancient times, leisurely brewed for great honors. Respecting the traditions, we patiently brew live beer in Valmiermuiža and nurture the culture of beer enjoyment, so that, just like in the old days, beer has a place of honor at the festive table.