The dark haze of Valmiermuiža

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Deep amber colored beer with beige foam. Caramel sweetness, dark bread and a hint of dried fruit intertwine with meaty grill smoke. On the palate, you can taste the smoked, honey-marinated ribs and the candied country rye bread, but a moment later the bitterness of the noble hops with notes of freshly cut hay and sweet spices is woven into the bouquet. Medium, balanced body, beer full-bodied but not heavy.

Enjoy with fried, smoked and grilled meat dishes at +14°C.

Volume: 0.5 l


Alc. tilp. 5,5 %
Alus stils Dūmots tumšais lāgeris
Krāsa / EBC 40/ dziļa dzintara krāsa
Blīvums / °P 15
Rūgtums / IBU 24
Apiņi 'Hallertauer Mittelfruh', 'Hallertauer Nugget' (Vācija)
Iesals Pilzenes, bērza malkas dūmos kaltēts un gaišais karameļu
Īpašais Bērza malkas dūmos kaltēts iesals
Baudīšanas temperatūra +14 °C
Saderība Baudiet ar ceptiem un kūpinātiem un grilētiem gaļasēdieniem

Valmiermuiža brewery

Beer in Latvia has been the owner's pride since ancient times, leisurely brewed for great honors. Respecting the traditions, we patiently brew live beer in Valmiermuiža and nurture the culture of beer enjoyment, so that, just like in the old days, beer has a place of honor at the festive table.