ŌBDO four gin | 0,5 l

18,90 €
By Obdo

Light and classic London dry style gin with distinct Latvian quince and citrus notes. In the production of ŌBDO four, grain alcohol of biological origin is used, to which Lielbāta spring water is added after distillation. An irreplaceable addition to the tonic.

Volume: 0.5 l


Valmiermuiža brewery

Unhurriedly brewed for special occasions, in Latvia beer has been the Master Brewer’s pride and joy since days of yore. As a measure of our respect for venerable traditions, at Valmiermuiža we brew unpasteurised beer patiently and nurture a culture of enjoying beer, so that beer enjoys a place of honour on the festive table just as it did in olden days.