Sparkling Latvian Bio Quince juice drink | 0,7 l

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Design your own label for GARDU MUTI Sparkling Latvian Bio Quince juice drink in a 0,7 l bottle! 

  • Select “Tailor”.
  • The tailor of the label opens. You can upload a ready-made design to the Tailor, or place the inscriptions and choose the colour of the label.
  • Create the design.
  • Press “Save”. 
  • Select the number of bottles to be tailored and press “Add to the basket”.
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*The processing time of the tailored labels is 10 working days. 

Amount of juice 10 %
Energy value 106 kJ/25 kcal/100 ml
6,0 g / 100 ml
Providers of ingredients
SIA Dabas auglis
Serving temperature
+5 °C 
Fruit in a bottle
3 quinces

Gardu Muti

What started as a gourmet tourism guide has now grown into a movement of gourmets that creates and popularizes pure Latvian flavours. Paraphrasing one of the most popular Latvian poets Imants Ziedonis – Latvia is a wonderfully tasty place, only the taste has to be helped to appear. We remembered childhood, and, yes, those pure flavours do exist. We looked in the forest and gardens, and there they are again! That’s exactly what we want to bring to thet able, pure and good Latvian flavours. Gardu Muti invites you to discover the pure taste of Latvia, creating sparkling juice drinks from organic quinces, currants, rhubarb and apples collected in the fields and gardens of Latvia. Cultivating and cherishing Latvia’s pure flavours, we turn their juice into natural, delicious and sparkling Gardu muti juice drinks, handmade with love.