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When summer is at an end and sun-filled days are a thing of the past, you no longer have the same thirst for light refreshing lagers and pilsners. Long twilight hours by the fireside are more suited to leisurely stories and a slowly brewed, rich dark beer.

Hence, Valmiermuiža Winter Bock, which the brewery offers from St. Martin’s Day to Shrovetide. This beer is characterized by a very rich bouquet of flavour, which it derives from light and dark caramel malt. These are prepared by “steaming” the grains after germination, and then drying them at a higher temperature, for example, than Pilsner malt.

Valmiermuiža Winter Bock is brewed from three specially sourced malts and two hops grown in the famous Hallertau region. When poured into the glass, this robust beer is dark brown with a barely discernible pomegranate glow, giving rise to an ivory-coloured foam head.The aroma is infused with the rich sweetness of malt, with caramel, roasted and raisin notes. In turn, the flavour is that of rich caramel malt complemented by herbal and dried fruit nuances. In the lengthy aftertaste, the rich bouquet of malt is offset by the mild balanced bitterness of hops.

Alc. vol. 6,5 %
Beer style Bock Lager
Colour / EBC 49 / dark brown with a pomegranate glow
Strenght / °P 17,6
Bitterness / IBU 23
Hops Hallertauer Nugget and Hallertauer Mittelfrüh (Germany)
Malt Pilsener, light and dark caramel malt
Special Caramel malt
Temperature +14 °C
Food pairing Our winter bock is an ideal accompaniment to enrich venison dishes or dark chocolate desserts

Valmiermuiža brewery

Unhurriedly brewed for special occasions, in Latvia beer has been the Master Brewer’s pride and joy since days of yore. As a measure of our respect for venerable traditions, at Valmiermuiža we brew unpasteurised beer patiently and nurture a culture of enjoying beer, so that beer enjoys a place of honour on the festive table just as it did in olden days.