Valmiermuiža Amber Lager 1 l or 2 l, filtered

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Valmiermuiža Brewery had not yet opened its doors, when its Master Brewer was already thinking about its first beer. One thing was clear – it would have to find favour with Latvian beer lovers in particular. 

Save time and order - the beer will be waiting for you in the chosen place already filled! Pick up of this pourable flavor at our store in Valmiermuiž, embassies in Riga, as well as delivery via WOLT Riga and in Valmiera to the front door.

Alc. vol. 5,2%
Beer style Amber Lager
Colour / EBC 18 / amber tone
Thickness / °P 13.4
Bitterness / IBU 24
Hops Hallertauer Nugget and Hallertauer Mittelfrüh (Germany)
Malt Pilsener, Munich and light caramel
Special Lager yeast
Temperature +5–6 °C
Food pairing Goes well with all that Latvians put on their festive tables, from classic Latvian potato salad and ribs to fine fish dishes and slowly cooked steak

Valmiermuiža brewery

Unhurriedly brewed for special occasions, in Latvia beer has been the Master Brewer’s pride and joy since days of yore. As a measure of our respect for venerable traditions, at Valmiermuiža we brew unpasteurised beer patiently and nurture a culture of enjoying beer, so that beer enjoys a place of honour on the festive table just as it did in olden days.