Malt Liqueur

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Once upon a time, it occurred to the landlord of Valmiermuiža Craft Brewery that, “If one can make liqueur from coffee, eggs, cream, berries and a whole host of other ingredients, then why can’t we make a liqueur from malt?” His wish was our command. Utilising our own distilled lager and malt sauce, we are now making a fine liqueur at Valmiermuiža.

The basis for our liqueur is Valmiermuiža Distilled Amber Lager to which we add a judiciously proportioned measure of Valmiermuiža malt sauce (150ml malt sauce is added to 100ml distilled lager). This sweet delicacy is then poured into a barrel and left to mature for 10 days. When the taste master deems that the flavour has matured to his satisfaction, the malt liqueur is carefully poured into bottles.


Brewed from
Valmiermuiža distilled lager and our homemade malt sauces
Alc. vol.
19,5 %
Aroma The sweetness of barley malt grains
The sweetness of toasted rye bread and mellowness of caramel
Aftertase A slight hint of the bitterness of hops

Valmiermuiža brewery

Unhurriedly brewed for special occasions, in Latvia beer has been the Master Brewer’s pride and joy since days of yore. As a measure of our respect for venerable traditions, at Valmiermuiža we brew unpasteurised beer patiently and nurture a culture of enjoying beer, so that beer enjoys a place of honour on the festive table just as it did in olden days.