KOKMUIŽA „Meksikānis” Mexican-style lager | 0,33 l

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Mexican lager „Meksikānis”. Handcrafted in Latvia.

Strenght 4,6 %
Beer style Mexican-style lager
Bitterness / IBU 14
Hops ‘Motueka’ (New Zealand)
Malt Munich light, pilsner and cornflakes
The special With pinch of sea salt and lime peel. Unpasteurized
Enjoyment temperature +1-3 °C
Saderība Goes well with spicy Mexican or Asian dishes


Beer has been brewed at Kokmuiža since days of old. At the start of the 20th century, it was home to one of the biggest breweries in the Governate of Livonia. Its beer even won gold medals in Paris. Valmiermuiža’s Master Brewer and the driving force behind the revival of Kokmuiža Brewery (Kokenhof Independent Brewery) Aigars Ruņģis has always been interested in the proficiency of this old brewery’s master brewers in choosing the very best foreign beer varieties and giving them a Latvian twist.