KOKMUIŽA non-alcoholic IPA "Celmlauzis"

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The sweet density of the malt and the depth of the hop bouquet are tempting even when you have to give up alcohol or simply don't want it. However, even those who have said "no" to the intoxication of beer would like to taste a sip of malted energy with the brightest features of the town's taste. The non-alcoholic ale created in the wooden house, which in terms of taste is not far behind the intoxicating ones and breaks not only the strains, but also the ingrained stereotypes about the unimpressive character of this style of beer.

The list of non-alcoholic PIONEER raw materials - four German malts and four hops (one "American" in the brew and three "Americans" along with one "German" in the cold hop) - suggests a proper sample of IPA. What sets it apart from its intoxicating cousins ​​is a special yeast that processes only normal, non-malt sugars. Thus, the percentage of alcohol remains close to zero, but the bouquet of aroma and taste becomes richer. The smell of smoky golden, full-bodied ale reveals notes of flowers and melon, you can taste not only the sweetness of malt, but also the bitterness of grapefruit. Aftertaste – a balanced interplay of malt and hops.

Volume: 0.33 l


Stiprums Bezalkoholisks
Alus stils Bezalkoholisks IPA
Krāsa / EBC 37 / dūmakaini zeltains
Blīvums / °P 11
Rūgtums / IBU 68
Apiņi Vārīšanā: ‘Mosaic’ (ASV); aukstajā apiņošanā: ‘Ariana’ (ASV), ‘Callista’ (ASV), ‘Mosaic’ (ASV), ‘Mandarina Bavaria’ (Vācija)
Iesals Gaišais karameļu, sarkanais, melanoidīna un gaišais eila
Īpašais Nefiltrēts bezalkoholiskais IPA
Baudīšanas temperatūra +9–10 °C
Saderība Vienlīdz labi garšos gan pie sātīgas maltītes, gan viens pats – īpaši, ja kārtīgi pastrādāts


Beer has been brewed at Kokmuiža since days of old. At the start of the 20th century, it was home to one of the biggest breweries in the Governate of Livonia. Its beer even won gold medals in Paris. Valmiermuiža’s Master Brewer and the driving force behind the revival of Kokmuiža Brewery (Kokenhof Independent Brewery) Aigars Ruņģis has always been interested in the proficiency of this old brewery’s master brewers in choosing the very best foreign beer varieties and giving them a Latvian twist.