KOKMUIŽA non-alcoholic cider "Jaunā strāva"

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A new train of thought and a new approach - cider with a beer character THE NEW CURRENT!

Sunny golden, non-alcoholic cider. The aroma of Latvian summer rises from the glass with a crisp, slightly unripe apple, which is harmed by the sweetness of the mandarin and the creaminess of the coconut. In the first sip, a joyfully sour apple that will make the tingles of refreshment run over the tongue. Notes of peach, sweet citrus and other tropical fruits soon enter the taste. The bouquet is complemented by a light cedar woodiness and a fluffy touch of mint. Juicy drinkable cider with beer character!

You won't be surprised anymore with the joint brews of two breweries. But Kokmuiža, which has tried its hand at brewing non-alcoholic and tasty ales in recent years, likes to surprise. That is why we are taking the next step - and offer hopped non-alcoholic cider in cooperation with Mourbudu cider factory, to our Vidzeme neighbors from the Estonian border. The sweetness of Latvian apples together with the bold 'Sabro' hops.

Volume: 0.33 l

Bezalkoholisks sidrs
Krāsa Zelta
‘Sabro’ (ASV)
Īpašais Bezalkoholisks auksti apiņots sidrs
Baudīšanas temperatūra +5–8 °C
Piestāvēs ķirbju biezeņzupai, zilajam sieram un pankūkām ar zemeņu ievārījumu


Beer has been brewed at Kokmuiža since days of old. At the start of the 20th century, it was home to one of the biggest breweries in the Governate of Livonia. Its beer even won gold medals in Paris. Valmiermuiža’s Master Brewer and the driving force behind the revival of Kokmuiža Brewery (Kokenhof Independent Brewery) Aigars Ruņģis has always been interested in the proficiency of this old brewery’s master brewers in choosing the very best foreign beer varieties and giving them a Latvian twist.