Valmiermuiža Castle beer

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The royally golden, easy-drinking brew uses three noble hops along with 'Northern Brewer', the mildly fruity 'Spalt', the grassy resinous 'Tettnanger' and the peppery aroma of 'Hallertauer Mittelfrüh' with the nuances of a recently mown meadow have long become classics in variations of a traditional Pilsen beer. In the delicate bouquet of scents of Valmiermuiža palace beer, herbal and resin tones prevail, under which a light and gentle malt base can be read. A calm, muted bitterness with a hint of honeyed meadow pleases the crisp taste.

Palace beer can be enjoyed at a temperature of 5-6 ºC both as an aperitif and with well-ripened cheeses, fresh salads, as well as chicken and seafood dishes.

Volume: 0.5 l

Alc. tilp. 4,6 %
Alus stils Pilzenes
Krāsa / EBC 11 / zeltaina
Blīvums / °P 12
Rūgtums / IBU 29
Apiņi ‘Northern Brewer’ un ‘Hallertauer Mittelfrüh’ (Hallertava, Vācija), ‘Spalt’ (Špalta, Vācija), ‘Tettnanger’(Tetnanga, Vācija)
Iesals Gaišais karameļu, Vīnes un Pilzenes
Īpašais Viegls un aromātisks
Baudīšanas temperatūra +5–6 °C
Saderība Gan kā aperitīvs, gan kopā ar labi nogatavinātiem sieriem, svaigiem salātiem, kā arī vistas un jūras velšu ēdieniem

Valmiermuiža brewery

Unhurriedly brewed for special occasions, in Latvia beer has been the Master Brewer’s pride and joy since days of yore. As a measure of our respect for venerable traditions, at Valmiermuiža we brew unpasteurised beer patiently and nurture a culture of enjoying beer, so that beer enjoys a place of honour on the festive table just as it did in olden days.